The following papers will be published in future issues of the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology. They are listed here in approximate order of appearance.

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To Appear (most recent accepted papers listed from top)

Giuseppe Scanniello, Filippo Ricca, Marco Torchiano, Gianna Reggio, Egidio Astesiano
   Assessing the Effect of Screen Mockups on the Comprehension of Functional Requirements

Peter Rigby, Daniel German, Laura Cowen, Margaret-Anne Storey
   Peer Review on Open Source Software Projects: Parameters, Statistical Models, and Theory

Yueqi Li, S.C. Cheung, Xiangyu Zhang, Yepang Liu
   Scaling Up Symbolic Analysis by Removing Z-Equivalent States

Tracy Hall, Min Zhang, David Bowes, Yi Sun
   Some Code Smells have a Significant but Small Effect on Faults

Kathryn Stolee, Sebastian Elbaum, Daniel Dobos
   Solving the Search for Source Code

Razieh Behjati, Shiva Nejati, Lionel Briand
   Architecture-Level Configuration of Large-Scale Embedded Software Systems

Guoqing Xu, Nick Mitchell, Matthew Arnold, Atanas Rountev, Edith Schonberg, Gary Sevitsky
   Scalable Runtime Bloat Detection Using Abstract Dynamic Slicing

Lucas Layman, Victor Basili, Marvin Zelkowitz
   A Methodology for Exposing Risk in Achieving Emergent System Properties

ThanhVu Nguyen; Stephanie Forrest; Deepak Kapur; Westley Weimer
   DIG: A Dynamic Invariant Generator for Polynomial and Array Invariants

Mainul Islam, Christoph Csallner
   Generating Test Cases for Programs that Are Coded Against Interfaces and Annotations

Mariano Moscato, Carlos Lopez Pombo, Marcelo Frias
   Dynamite: A Tool for the Verification of Alloy Models Based on PVS

Mark Harman, Francisco Palomo Lozano, Jens Krinke, Inmaculada Medina Bulo, Jian Ren, Shin Yoo
   Exact Scalable Sensitivity Analysis for the Next Release Problem

Klaas-Jan Stol, Paris Avgeriou,Ali Babar, Yan Lucas, Brian Fitzgerald
   Key Factors for Adopting Inner Source

Anders Møller, Mathias Schwarz
   Automated Detection of Client-State Manipulation Vulnerabilities

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall
   ADAM: External Dependency-driven Architecture Discovery and Analysis of Quality Attributes

Michael Unterkalmsteiner, Robert Feldt, Tony Gorschek
   A Taxonomy for Requirements Engineering and Software Test Alignment

Lunjin Lu, Dae-Kyoo Kim
   Required Behavior of Sequence Diagrams: Semantics and Conformance

Thomas Fritz, Gail Murphy, Emerson Murphy-Hill, Jingwen Ou, Emily Hill
   Degree-of-Knowledge: Modeling a Developer's Knowledge of Code

Giuseppe Scanniello, Carmine Gravino, Marcela Genero, José Cruz-Lemus, Genoveffa Tortora
   On the Impact of UML Analysis Models on Source Code Comprehensibility and Modifiability

Kai Pan, Xintao Wu, Tao Xie
   Guided Test Generation for Database Applications via Synthesized Database Interactions