The following papers will be published in future issues of the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology. They are listed here in approximate order of appearance.

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To Appear (most recent accepted papers listed from top)

Gordon Fraser, Andrea Arcuri
   A Large Scale Evaluation of Automated Unit Test Generation Using EvoSuite

Kaituo Li, Christoph Reichenbach, Christoph Csallner, Yannis Smaragdakis
   Residual Investigation: Predictive and Precise Bug Detection

Dilan Sahin, Marouane Kessentini, Slim Bechikh, Kalyanmoy Deb,
   Code-Smells Detection as a Bi-Level Problem

Milos Gligoric, Alex David Groce, Chaoqiang Zhang, Rohan Sharma, Mohammad Alipour, Darko Marinov
   Guidelines for Coverage-Based Comparisons of Non-Adequate Test Suites

Pingyu Zhang, Sebastian Elbaum
   Amplifying Tests to Validate Exception Handling Code: An Extended Study of Mobile Applications

Rob Hierons
   Combining centralised and distributed testing

Anirudh Santhiar, Omesh Pandita, Aditya Kanade
   Mining Unit Tests for Discovery and Migration of Math APIs

Walid Maalej, Rebecca Tiarks, Tobias Roehm, Rainer Koschke
   On the Comprehension of Program Comprehension

Guowei Yang, Suzette Person, Neha Rungta, Sarfraz Khurshid
   Directed Incremental Symbolic Execution

Richard Banach, Huibiao Zhu, Wen Su, Xiaofeng Wu
   A Continuous ASM Modelling Approach to Pacemaker Sensing

Giuseppe Scanniello, Filippo Ricca, Marco Torchiano, Gianna Reggio, Egidio Astesiano
   Assessing the Effect of Screen Mockups on the Comprehension of Functional Requirements

Peter Rigby, Daniel German, Laura Cowen, Margaret-Anne Storey
   Peer Review on Open Source Software Projects: Parameters, Statistical Models, and Theory

Yueqi Li, S.C. Cheung, Xiangyu Zhang, Yepang Liu
   Scaling Up Symbolic Analysis by Removing Z-Equivalent States

Tracy Hall, Min Zhang, David Bowes, Yi Sun
   Some Code Smells have a Significant but Small Effect on Faults

Anders Møller, Mathias Schwarz
   Automated Detection of Client-State Manipulation Vulnerabilities