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ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM), Volume 9 Issue 2, April 2000

SMC: a symmetry-based model checker for verification of safety and liveness properties
Viktor Gyuris, E. Allen Emerson, A. Prasad Sistla
Pages: 133-166
DOI: 10.1145/350887.350891
The article presents the SMC system. SMC can be used for checking safety and liveness properties of concurrent programs under different fairness assumptions. It is based on explicit state enumeration. It combats the state explosion by exploiting...

Using a coordination language to specify and analyze systems containing mobile components
F. Franzé, P. Ciancarini, C. Mascolo
Pages: 167-198
DOI: 10.1145/350887.350893
New computing paradigms for network-aware applications need specification languages able to deal with the features of mobile code-based systems. A coordination language provides a formal framework in which the interaction of active entities can...

A generic model for reflective design
Panagiotis Louridas, Pericles Loucopoulos
Pages: 199-237
DOI: 10.1145/350887.350895
Rapid technological change has had an impact on the nature of software. This has led to new exigencies and to demands for software engineering paradigms that pay particular atttention to meeting them. We advocate that such demands can be met,...