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Continuous Special Sections

Continuous special sections (CSS) will span consecutive issues and focus on emerging hot topics.  Special section papers can be submitted at any time during the submission window for the series and shall comply with fast-impact track paper requirements.  These papers will be managed by a dedicated guest editorial board, reviewed within the fast-impact track timeline, and published within respective special sections in consecutive issues.

Please submit your journal-first paper through the TOSEM submission site and choose the special section as the submission type.

CSS on AI and SE

The first series of the continuous special section is on artificial intelligence and software engineering. Paolo Tonella will serve as chief section editor, and Tim Menzies and Michael R. Lyu as section editors. The special section welcomes papers presenting novel results in the emerging area that lies at the intersection of AI and SE.

Topics may include: the ethical implications related to the design of AI software systems, SE processes and metrics applied to AI system development, AI for fault prediction, localization and repair, analysis of the natural language in SE artefacts, quality assurance, formal verification and testing of AI based systems, AI to support automated software testing, AI for program understanding, transformation, generation, and completion, architectures and models for systems that contain AI components, and the safety and security of AI-based systems. 

Submissions to this special section on AI and SE are open through December 31, 2020, and may be made at any time.  Please submit your paper through the TOSEM submission site and choose "Continuous Special Section: AI and SE" as the manuscript type.


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