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TOSEM Distinguished Referees

The Editorial Board of TOSEM gratefully recognizes the contributions of the following referees, who distinguished themselves by both the quantity and quality of the reviews they provided for TOSEM. Their contribution to the software engineering research community is greatly appreciated.

2017-2018 Distinguished Referees [↑]

Andrea Arcuri
Gabriele Bavota
Domenico Bianculli
Lionel Briand
Juan de Lara
Massimiliano Di Penta
Naipeng Dong
Robert Feldt
Mark Grechanik
Zhe Hou
Christian Kästner
Barbara Kitchenham
Shang-Wei Lin
Shuang Liu
Tim Menzies
André van der Hoek
Bogdan Vasilescu

2015-2016 Distinguished Referees [↓]

2013-2014 Distinguished Referees [↓]

2011-2012 Distinguished Referees [↓]

(These lists are automatically extracted from Manuscript Central and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please let us know of any mistakes or omissions that should be corrected.)

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